HR Management and Payroll Solution for Lithuania (HR|Payroll)


In developing the solution, we focus on the repetitive, cyclical parts of the HR|Payroll process. We seek that the solution for every single user would be as friendly and consistent as possible while paying attention to rare but time-consuming activities for HR and payroll specialists.

For organizations, we offer an HR|Payroll solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central finance module (previously known as NAV and Navision) or a completely stand-alone solution with periodical export of payroll costs the specific finance management solution.

HR|Payroll functional areas

  • Organization structure management
  • Recruitment
  • Labor contract change, position management
  • Vacation norm calculation (Vacation types, working/calendar days)
  • Training, employee qualification
  • Performance evaluation
  • Medical screenings
  • Subordinates
  • Resignation
  • Document templates (MS Word: contract, annexes, orders etc.)
  • HR, Sodra* reports
  • Long-term pay types/deductions
  • Tax calculation
  • Payroll amounts division by cost centers (dimensions)
  • Advance, interim, and final payments
  • Vacation calculations (before vacation period, with the primary salary)
  • Payment export (bank)
  • Extra pay types import
  • Payroll recalculation
  • Tax rate import (Sodra*)
  • Tax authority reports (Sodra*, VMI**, Department of Statistics)
  • Accrued vacation pay
  • General ledger export
  • Payroll reports
  • Vacation planning
  • Schedules
  • Shifts
  • Absence management, sicknotes import (Sodra*)
  • Timesheets
  • Worktime management for departments
  • Worktime management reports
  • Schedule and timesheet import/export (MS Excel)
  • Personal labor contract information
  • Vacation balance
  • Absence history
  • Payslips
  • Worktime management for departments
  • Employee‘s application management
  • Application confirmation processes (workflow)

Explore the detailed features and benefits of the Employee Self-Service Portal.

6 reasons why OIXIO HR|Payroll

  • Lots of manual HR|Payroll operations become automated.
  • Solution saves the HR|Payroll specialist time – same data is entered once, visible and used in all other related areas of the system.
  • Reduced time spent on collecting data for analysis.
  • Salary costs are precisely allocated, and different appointments are managed.
  • Automated calculation of vacation norms and balances.
  • Payroll calculation results and reports become timely.

*Sodra – Lithuanian State Social Insurance Fund Board.
**VMI – Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate.

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OIXIO HR|Payroll is the HR and payroll calculation management solution for Lithuania.

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