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OIXIO Advisory’s consulting services are designed for ambitious companies that value innovation and digital development. For those who believe that proactive and planned digitization and automation initiatives support the company’s long-term development, and that skillful innovation management is a prerequisite for obtaining a noticeable market advantage.
We are the one long-term consulting partner for you to improve processes, prepare for digital innovation and help implement it in the company.
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Digitization management

Digitization management services include training and inspiration services as well as extensive analyzes for the creation of a digitization development plan (Creation of the Digitalization Roadmap). In addition, special projects for collecting the business requirements necessary for software implementation, preparing baseline tasks and evaluating the business benefits of planned digital investments.

Process automation and efficiency management

Improving internal process efficiency is the largest and, so far, the most popular of our services. We find efficiency for our customers through process mapping and analysis and the creation of role-based usage stories. In order to increase the capability to manage a company business area based on data-driven analysis, we help to organize the system of metrics and prepare initial tasks for the use of visual analytics. By automating workflows, we make everyday, routine but time-consuming tasks and manual operations easier.

Innovation management

Innovation management services include both training and mentoring. Based on a unique methodology, we help to create and implement an innovation management process in the company. We support the journey of companies in the Estonian innovation ecosystem called “Innotrepp”. 

Change management

We have developed an effective change management methodology that combines the world’s best practices from various change management theories (incl. Prosci) so that the organization can successfully adapt to the changing environment. With the help of our change management services, your company and you can effectively implement digitization, automation and innovation.

Our experiences and commitment

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years of business consulting experience

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customers and projects carried out

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“Normal and conscious digital development management is distinguished by the ability to apply technology taking into account the specifics of your company and the general market situation. Just like in top skiing. Although all athletes use similar skis, some of them have better sliding than others. Because the lubrication team has taken into account the specifics of the athlete, the snow conditions and has also been able to to predict the weather forecast in the best possible way. If you add to this hard work, dedication and proper sports preparation, it is possible to achieve very high places.”

Vaido Otsar, Barrus AS
(translated from Estonian)

Estonian Business and Innovation Agency (EAS) supports digital development financially

Digitization makes it possible to improve results both in making processes more efficient and in creating new value for the customer. The Estonian Business and Innovation Agency digital revolution financial funding opportunity can be used to implement projects.

The aim of the funding program is to support automation and the adoption of digital technologies and robots. The support can be used for the implementation of software systems or applications related to machine learning necessary for automation, the introduction of digital technologies and the organization of relevant training in the company. Also for the acquisition, commissioning and integration of digitization and automation-related equipment with the software system.


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