We have joined forces to offer a unique complete IT service – OIXIO Group

From January 1, Columbus Eesti AS became OIXIO Digital AS and Columbus Lietuva became OIXIO UAB. The new business name of OIXIO AS is OIXIO IT AS.

Digitization plan aligned with business strategy OIXIO Advisory

The Columbus business advisory team is now OIXIO Advisory. We are a daily business consulting partner to improve processes, prepare for digital innovation and help implement it in the company.

A solid IT base is a secret competitive advantage OIXIO IT

OIXIO AS is now OIXIO IT AS. Business digitalization requires a strong foundation, which is a functioning and secure IT infrastructure. "OIXIO Approved IT" (OAIT) is a quality level that allows your organization to work worry-free, because the foundation is functional and secure!

Digitized processes are a competitive advantage OIXIO Digital

Columbus Estonia is now OIXIO Digital AS and Columbus Lithuania is now OIXIO UAB. The mission of OIXIO Digital is to increase the value of your organization through smart digitalization. We are ready to take on the role of a comprehensive and systemic digital development partner in the client's company.

Only cyber-secure IT is a competitive advantage OIXIO Cyber

We start by assessing the maturity of cyber security, create a development plan and implement it, and take care of the security of all your data and processes with an information security manager and proactive monitoring.

    Joining forces under a common brand from January 2024 is a big step for our three companies – Columbus Estonia AS, Columbus Lithuania UAB and OIXIO AS. We have been independent leaders in our field – Columbus is the market leader in business software and analytics in the Baltics, and OIXIO is the largest locally owned IT-infra company.

    Together, we can go one step further – to offer a whole cycle of IT that makes IT your competitive advantage.

    We make IT your competitive advantage

    Your business may not be technology, but without technology you may not have a business tomorrow.

    We believe that the successful implementation of IT not only helps to stay competitive, but also opens new doors and offers endless development opportunities.

    That is why, as a sign of infinity, we have put together 4 interrelated IT areas:
    Advisory │ IT │ Digital │ Cyber

    We understand the details,
    because we see the whole.


    In IT, everything is cross-related:

    • Advisory │ we create a complete digitalization plan and advise how to implement it
    • IT │ we build a functional IT foundation that supports the daily operation of your company
    • Digital │we make your current processes more efficient than competitors and digitize work that others still do manually
    • Cyber │ we keep everything cyber secure so you can move forward without worry.
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