OIXIO e-Governance interface

The OIXIO e-Governance Interface is the link between the economic software and the Estonian public authorities. The interface establishes a secure data exchange channel with the x-way so that all public services available on the x-way can be accessed. In order to use the interface, the customer must first subscribe to x-way.

oixio e-riigi liides

The following services are ready for use in the e-Government interface provided by OIXIO Digital:

Tax and Customs Board services:

  • PES – an employment registration service that allows the transmission of employee registrations, changes, suspensions and terminations.
  • TSD – Monthly Income and Social Tax Declaration service for XML file transmission directly from the economic software.
  • KMD – Monthly VAT declaration service for the transmission of an XML file directly from the economic software (not used with OIXIO Palk functionality).

Health Insurance Fund services:

  • Requesting data from the Health Insurance Fund for disability sheets and adding employer data directly from the ERP.
  • Creation of absence entries in the payroll module of the economic software with disability sheet data, also from open status disability sheets, both manually and automatically.

The e-Governance interface consists of three components:

  • The specific service solutions installed in the business software, which are responsible for the collection of the necessary information, the display of the registration forms and the rest of what is visible and usable for the end user.
  • The basic module of the e-government interface installed in the business software, which is responsible for connecting to the x-network and sending messages.
  • An x-way security server managed by OIXIO Digital, where the client’s x-way certificate and subsystem information is stored.

Statistical Office reports:

  • With just a few clicks from the OIXIO wage module, you can generate the statistical reports “Wages and labour force”, “Structure of earnings” and “Pay gap”.

Estonian Funded Pension Registry

  • Launching a query in the OIXIO payroll module for funded pensions, both for a single person and for all employees in the company.
  • Run a query manually or as a packet job.
  • In response to the query, create corresponding subscriptions for employees with the appropriate dates to ensure correct withholding of the funded pension during payroll.

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