Employee Self Service – Time saving and convenience at your fingertips

The OIXIO Employee Self Service solution helps to improve communication between employees and managers, simplify HR and payroll processes and keep the employee database up-to-date.

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Through Self Service, you can provide transparent communication with your employees and create a way to keep your employee database up to date.

Self-service will certainly simplify the company’s leave request processes, as the employee will be able to see how much leave he/she is entitled to, the status of his/her leave request, when his/her colleagues will be on leave and, if necessary, cancel the leave through self-service.

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FOR EMPLOYERS: Get an overview of the personal data your employer has on you – contacts, children, health checks, training, items issued. You can also add your own contact details and children's details. You can also conveniently submit your holiday request on your mobile and get an overview of how much holiday you still have left.


FOR THE MANAGER: As a manager, you will get an overview of your employees' contractual details and, if necessary, information on current salaries. You can approve and, if necessary, reject employee leave requests, and your work is made easier with a visual leave calendar view.


PERSONNEL AND PAYROLL ACCOUNTING: The workload of HR and accountants can be simplified through self-service. Employees can submit information on tax-exempt income, make bank account changes and submit leave applications.

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ABOUT SECURITY: Azure Active Directory Login with username and password Login with Smart-ID Version updates 1x per month. Functionality is constantly evolving.

You have the opportunity to create a memorable work experience for your people!


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