7 important benefits for Baltic HR management

Vilma Semėnaitė

Project and Team Manager for HR|Payroll Solutions

The aim is to follow the strategy – unify Human Resources (HR) databases across separate business units of different countries using the reliable Dynamics 365 platform. Each country has its own specificity for HR management and is affected by the local legislation system. Nevertheless, the most important HR management rules, unified databases of employees and other contractors, can be managed globally. Each organization can highly benefit from creating a Master HR database and be able to share the HR information with other internal or external systems in a unified way.

Why is it worth implementing one solution instead of three different, or what other benefits may your company or company group achieve? And a lot of other important questions our OIXIO team receives from our potential partners and clients.

Our experience is about HR and Payroll management in Baltics. Implementation projects of Baltic HR|Payroll solution are complex, comparing to the local HR|Payroll projects or solutions used. For this reason, we are sharing our insights in a following 7 important benefits your business gains from investing in a unified HR management solution.

7 important benefits your business gains from investing in a unified HR management solution:

  1. The ability to unify the entire HR management process in your organization by using the same platform and the same HR management language.
  2. One database for all employees in the Baltics – ensure easier reporting to the Head Office.
  3. The ability to use the same logic for employees positions and open workplace management – ensure easier communication between business units and give the possibility for global HR management.
  4. Global organizational structure – supported and visible online for all business units in different countries.
  5. Functional subordination management – as well the subordination crosswise independent companies of the same company group.
  6. Lower solution support costs because of no need to maintain different and separate solutions across different countries.
  7. Less integrations are implemented with other internal systems – because less integrations are needed with various country specific software.

When the organization is ready to implement and maintain a unified HR management process in several countries, then is only missing the right HR management solution and tangibile success is guaranteed!

Vilma Semėnaitė


Project and Team Manager for HR|Payroll Solutions

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