ERP services

ERP implementation service includes support and assistance provided by a software company to a company that wants to implement or update enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to manage its business processes. This service typically includes customizing the software to the customer’s needs, training users, and technical support and consulting throughout the implementation process, ensuring smooth implementation and optimal deployment. ERP implementation service helps companies to streamline their business processes, improve work productivity and the quality of management decisions, while ensuring the proper functioning of the system and customer satisfaction.


ERP upgrade service includes help and support provided by a software company to a company that wants to upgrade its existing ERP system to a new version. This service typically involves planning, testing, and implementing a system upgrade, including customization and database migration. An ERP upgrade service helps a business gain access to new features and enhancements, improve system performance, and ensure that the system meets ever-changing business requirements and standards.

Rollout. The implementation of a company’s already existing ERP in a newly added company involves the expansion and implementation of the existing ERP system in the new company or department. This process typically involves adapting the system to the needs of the new business, transferring and integrating data, and training local users to use the new system. The implementation of the already existing ERP of the company in the newly added company allows to ensure a unified data platform, to improve the integration of processes and to support the rapid adaptation of the new company to the existing system.

Baltic support. Support throughout the Baltics means that we offer implementation, training and support services for companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This enables customers to receive local language and culture-specific support and ensures that implementation and helpdesk processes are tailored to the specifics of the Baltic region. The wide presence of the software implementation company in the Baltics allows customers to achieve better system adoption, faster response to problems and greater satisfaction through stronger local support.

Maintenance support. Maintenance and support for an already implemented ERP solution includes regular system monitoring, installation of updates and troubleshooting to ensure smooth operation and security of the system. This service allows customers to receive a quick response to questions and problems of the system and, if necessary, adapt or improve the system according to the company’s development and changing needs. Maintenance and support for an already implemented ERP solution helps companies maximize the value of their ERP investment by ensuring ongoing system support and a better user experience.

The ERP implementation journey usually begins with preliminary work, where the company assesses its needs, prepares a business analysis and defines objectives. This is followed by choosing a system according to the company’s requirements and finding a suitable ERP solution that best meets their business processes and goals. The initial preparation period also includes forming the project team and creating an implementation plan and schedule to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

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