Cargoson – B2B freight management software

Cargoson is not a carrier, broker, forwarder or freight marketplace. It is an IT tool that helps the transport customer to automate, create and manage and control their transport orders and requests, realize existing transport contracts and keep their employees, customers and suppliers informed in the form of automatic notifications.

Cargoson’s logistics software is primarily intended for wholesale, retail and manufacturing companies. However, users of the software can also be found among larger e-shops, construction, rental and agricultural companies.

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Interface with D365FO and Cargoson includes:

  • price and delivery time inquiries to find the best transport service provider;
  • submitting transport orders to transport service providers;
  • making all transport-related prints from one environment;
  • aggregating the information of all incoming and outgoing shipments into the client’s business software.


  1. You can get the price and delivery time of the transport from Cargoson without making a transport order.

2. Cargoson’s order form has a good overview of incoming and outgoing shipments.

3. After requesting the price and delivery time, you can select the desired transport service provider for sales and purchase orders and send the order to Cargoson.

4. Cargoson can also send a transport order without selecting a service provider in FO (this allows the sent order to be dealt with in the Cargoson system).

5. You can also send a “Direct order” to Cargoson, which makes a transport order without submitting a price / delivery time request.

Which forms include:

-Sales offer

-Sales order

-Purchase order

What data is inherited:

-In order to request data, the source and destination address, loading date, dimensions and weights of packages and quantities are sent.

-When placing an order, in addition to the information in the request, the code of the selected service is also transmitted

What happens commercially when making inquiries – three different types of inquiries:

You can request the price and delivery time of various transport service providers based on the entered data. The answer will come in no time.

Based on the response to the request, you will receive a list of offers from all carriers, from which you can choose the most suitable one. The information of the selected service provider is sent back to Cargoson, which forwards it to the carrier as an order. If necessary, the carrier can be selected based on various criteria directly in the Cargoson system, by sending only a transport order there.

Based on the rules of the selected service provider or Cargoson, the order is placed and the transport is confirmed automatically.


  • If Cargoson was not in use before, all the offered functionalities are implemented when interfacing. Such as, for example, condensing the sending of dozens of requests for one shipment into a single action, choosing the best provider in one move, etc.
  • If Cargoson is already in use, then:
  • By interfacing with Dynamics 365FO Cargoson links the transport order to be made directly to the sales order / purchase order / sales quote.
  • You reduce the resources spent on data entry and sending offers. You exclude errors that may occur when entering double data. You have an overview of all incoming and outgoing goods transport directly in your own economic software.
  • All current and future carriers, including the company’s own fleet, can be integrated into Dynamics 365FO using the interface.
  • Employees across departments have clear and operational information on when and how goods move. No need to search/request data from several different places.
  • A traceable history of the shipment that has taken place remains, and the linking of orders with invoices is simplified during billing.
  • All information in one place and everyone can see which car, which order and when it will arrive. Ability to combine charging times.
  • All order-related printouts (packaging labels, CRM, packing slips, etc.) are available directly from the Dynamics 365FO environment.
  • Sustainability and environmental preservation – choosing transport based on CO2 amounts. Linking CO2 quantities to orders / customers / goods – a reporting win.
  • Integrate a complete solution using your own ERP financial software and TMS.

Note: The interface between Cargoson and FO will be completed in the second half of 2024.

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