Dynamics 365 Commerce


Dynamics 365 Commerce – a modern and flexible cloud solution for retail and e-commerce.

Dynamics 365 Commerce – allows you to build brand loyalty by engaging customers, increase revenue by increasing employee productivity, optimize operations to reduce costs and increase supply chain efficiency, all of which ultimately ensure better business results.

Dynamics 365 Commerce – includes everything to build and run digital commerce: Streamline your business and commerce solution that meets needs across traditional and new channels. A unified marketing and commerce platform enables even more seamless management of content, assets, offers, inventory and pricing across all channels.

Dynamics 365 Commerce – built on the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Retail – provides a comprehensive omnichannel solution that connects office, store, call center and digital experiences.

Dynamics 365 Commerce – can be linked to the following Dynamics 365 products: 

  • Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection 
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 
  • Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management 
  • Dynamics 365 Sales 
  • Dynamics 365 Finance 

Dynamics 365 Commerce modules

Merchandise products and services

– Product information

– Manage attributes and attribute groups

– Retail sales price management

– Retail discounts

– Inventory availability for online and retail channels

Manage orders

– Customer orders in point of sale (POS)

– Create returns in point of sale (POS)

– Distributed order management (DOM)

Manage customers

– Loyalty

– Clienteling overview

Manage financials

– Statements

– Edit and audit online order and asynchronous customer order transactions

Manage worker tasks

– Task management overview

– Configure task management

– Create task lists and add tasks

– Assign task lists to stores or employees

Manage your e-commerce site

– E-commerce site overview

– Create an e-commerce site

– Ways to add content

– Digital asset management

– Make your site compliant

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