Andrius Martinonis


Client Success manager

I have 14 years of experience in sales and project management with 3 years leading sales and client success teams in the IT companies providing custom solutions for, agricultural, healthcare, banking and retail industries. I love innovating, solving problems and creating soliutions beyond belief.I am proficient in optimization of task management systems using time-tested methods spiced by innovative tools and AI. This includes inner company process optimization, outbound activities and monotonous task automation. Together with team of experts we unanimously won Logistics hackathon by proposing to create “truck sharing solution”.

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Your business may not be technology, but without technology you may not have a business tomorrow.

We believe that the successful implementation of IT not only helps to stay competitive, but also opens new doors and offers endless development opportunities. That is why, as a sign of infinity, we have put together 4 interrelated IT areas:

  • Advisory
  • IT
  • Digital
  • Cyber
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What do we offer?

Cyber security

OIXIO Cyber’s team has built its teams to cover for full stack of cyber security services. Through penetration tests and cyber security audits, we assess the current state of cyber security, develop a cyber security strategy and development plan. We implement the development plan by guiding you to enforce the necessary organizational and technological countermeasures and a comprehensive information security management system.


OIXIO GDPR solution

It is almost impossible to keep track of GDPR compliance in every IT tool your company uses.

OIXIO GDPR solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central automates reporting to authorities, while you focus on your business and important tasks.


OIXIO Leasing | Loans solution

Combining essential Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central modules like Financial Management and Sales, our solution offers robust support with SLAs, flexible pricing models, and dedicated account management for streamlined escalation. Core functionality ensures comprehensive coverage of financial and operational processes.


OIXIO IFRS16 solution

Specialized Software Solution for IFRS 16 Accounting.

With the growth of legal regulation, companies are forced to take care of the compatibility of their business management systems with the accounting standards, which include the lease accounting standard – IFRS 16, which entered into force at the beginning of 2019. One of the main challenges facing companies is how to implement new requirements having the same number of staff and in the same system.


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Partnership benefits:

  • Partner discount margins up to 40% based on performance.
  • Out-of-the-box solutions ready to be implemented.
  • OIXIO can implement needed solution for you.
  • Leads provided by OIXIO in your region.
  • Partner with deep finance and manufacturing market knowledge.

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Andrius Martinonis


Client Success manager