OIXIO Group – a new united force in the IT world

On January 1, 2024, we have a double reason to celebrate. Of course, we all welcome the arrival of the new year. But above all, we would like to celebrate the fact that from this date the well-known Baltic IT companies Columbus Estonia, Columbus Lithuania and OIXIO form a single and strong brand – OIXIO Group.

In IT, everything is connected to everything

Against the background of ever-accelerating technological development, our clients need competences that can integrate business development, IT infrastructure, process automation and cyber security. We have been working together as good partners for over 10 years and now we want to create a unique and complementary competence center that offers the best solutions and services on the market in these areas.

According to Ivo Suursoo, the chairman of the board of OIXIO Group, the formation of a common OIXIO Group by the previous sister companies allows to approach the digitalization of business in a completely unique way. We can make technology a competitive advantage for companies. We find ways to make today’s work more efficient, we digitize processes that others still do manually, and we ensure a functional and secure IT environment so that you can move forward without worry. We see that the successful application of each technology opens more and more doors and offers endless possibilities for development.

OIXIO Group – We see all the important details because we understand the whole

The OIXIO Group unites long-term top performers, each of whom focuses devotedly on their own field. This approach allows us to understand the whole and be a strategic business and technology partner in the Baltics.

OIXIO Advisory’s business consulting services help companies create a long-term plan for technology and business (innovation) to implement major changes and find new opportunities for innovation and business development.

OIXIO IT ensures a functional IT infrastructure, thus securing an invisible competitive advantage.

OIXIO Digital (formerly Columbus Estonia) takes into account the plans created by Advisory and takes advantage of the opportunities created by IT and helps to create new opportunities for growth and competitive advantage through the digitization of business processes.

OIXIO Cyber ensures that companies and their existing business risks are mitigated and IT is secure, but also that all services/solutions provided by the preceding business areas are also cyber secure.

There is strength in synergy, OIXIO Group with its more than 30 years of experience and a pan-Baltic team of 250 specialists is your reliable partner on the journey of technology and business development.

How does this affect me/my business?

From January 1st, the business name of Columbus Eesti AS will be OIXIO Digital AS and the new business name of OIXIO AS will be OIXIO IT AS. The new business name of Columbus Lietuva UAB will be OIXIO UAB. We are committed to making the change transparent and convenient for you. Therefore, the daily functioning of the services will continue as before – with a certain quality and in cooperation with the previous contacts. There will be no changes in the management and ownership of the companies.

From January 1, 2024, the e-mail addresses of all OIXIO Group employees will change to firstname.lastname[at]oixio.eu, and the common website will be www.oixio.eu.

Since a unique and largest IT and digitization partner is emerging in the Baltics, which is ready to take on a significantly larger role in your business development journey than before, the new year will certainly bring new meetings and exchanges of ideas. During these, we will introduce you to the OIXIO Group’s service portfolio and together we will discuss what new joint cooperation opportunities we could find.

Thirty years of experience, thousands of satisfied customers

Columbus has been operating in the Baltics for almost 27 years, has helped digitize thousands of companies and grown into the largest Microsoft business software (Dynamics ERP and PowerBI) partner in the Baltics.

OIXIO, today’s market leader in the provision of IT and cyber security services, has been developing together with Estonian IT pioneers since 1991. The company’s team, capabilities and the OIXIO brand were born in 2019 when the top players in their field MAX 123 and Võrguvara joined together.

The OIXIO Group is seeing the light of day precisely in order to make full use of the experience of today’s Columbus and OIXIO and to be a complete and smart technology partner for your company, helping you to be one step ahead of your competitors and thereby ensuring your company’s constant competitiveness.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to visit you and show you how it’s possible.

We wish you continued successful cooperation!

OIXIO Group – your IT and digital innovation partner