GDPR solution

Designed to tackle GDPR challenges in your D365 Business Central.

Data protection supervisory authorities are paying increasing attention to the scope of personal data processed in companies’ ERP systems and the lawfulness of the processing of such data. Considering the challenges faced by Dynamics 365 Business Central customers, Columbus has developed a Columbus GDPR solution to meet the GDPR related challenges in Dynamics 365 Business Central, manage data subject inquiries, depersonalize data, and comply with regulatory requirements.


OIXIO GDPR solution Key features

Helps to filter and find the personal data of specific data subjects and to generate personal data reports more conveniently and efficiently.

Helps to manage inquiries received from data subjects, supervisory authorities, etc. The tool allows you to monitor full process history of inquiry execution (incl. responsible persons, actions taken, status of inquiry, etc.).

  • Solution allows the depersonalization (encryption without the possibility of recovery) of the selected data, thus exercising the right of data subjects to request the deletion of data.
  • The functionality of data depersonalization templates allows you to create templates for groups of data subjects (e.g., employees, customers, vendors), thus avoiding a large amount of manual work.
  • The functionality allows you to see the full logging of depersonalization actions.

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Ensure compliance and tackle GDPR challenges in your Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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