Šiaulių Bankas: „The new system allowed us to see and track the relationships between various operations, their source documents and specific customers and suppliers.“

  • Šiaulių Bankas was established in 1992 in Šiauliai. The Bank performs a lot of activities including accepting deposits, issuing loans, making money transfers and documentary settlements and more.
  • Implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution (now called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) which covers needed functions for the Bank.

About UAB „Šiaulių bankas“

Šiaulių Bankas was established in 1992 in Šiauliai and is constantly expanding and offering services in 59 territorial outlets in 37 Lithuanian cities, with more than 800 employees.
The Bank accepts deposits, issues loans, makes money transfers and documentary settlements, exchanges currencies for its clients, issues and processes debit and credit cards, is engaged in trade finance and is investing and trading in securities and performs other activities.

The Bank’s shares are listed on the Baltic Main List of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Bank owns these subsidiaries: SB Lizingas UAB (consumer financing activities), Šiaulių Banko Investicijų Valdymas UAB (investment management activities) and others.

Executive Summary

The key project goals were:

  1. To increase efficiency of daily and month-end accounting transactions.
  2. To reduce time spent on manual data entry.
  3. To cover financial analysis needs, by providing income, expenses and profit data per business unit and other financial dimensions.
  4. To improve assets management workflow.
  5. To ensure accurate data across all systems (Microsoft Dynamics NAV is not a single platform used in the bank).
  6. To fulfill external reporting needs: iSAF, VAT, Individual income and other.
  7. To go-live on already working platform: OIXIO (prev. Columbus) IFRS16 solution (on the same Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform) was implemented ~ 1 year before main project of financial accounting implementation.

OIXIO and Šiaulių Bankas are successfully cooperating in IT projects for more than 6 years, and thus OIXIO has gained reliable partner’s name.

OIXIO has a strong background of financial management implementation for financial institutions using standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionalities and additional OIXIO developed solutions.

Acquired Solution

Implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution (now called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) covers:

  • Chart of account setup and mapping for integration with other banking systems.
  • Multiple dimensions setup for accurate income and expenses calculation per business unit.
  • Bank accounts and SEPA payments.
  • Contacts (vendors, customers) cards creation based on templates.
  • Multi-currency transaction handling: automatic currency rates import, currency usage in daily transactions, open currency positions revaluation at the end of the period.
  • Fixed and low value asset workflow management, including integration with other banking system, starting from asset purchase, it’s tying with responsible employee, and up to its write-off.
  • Future expenses and future income management.
  • Purchase invoices handling, using manual data entrance and detailed information import from excel.
  • Sales invoices handling, including multilanguage printouts and periodical invoices creation using pre-set templates.
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable management.
  • Inventory accounting and light manufacturing solution for bank cards (VISA, etc.) management.
  • VAT accounting, including partial non-deductible VAT accounting (“pro-rata”) and reporting to local VAT authorities.
  • Expenses allocation to business units.
  • Responsible employees accounting.
  • Integration with core banking system.
  • Integration with data warehouse system.
  • Integration with asset management system.
  • Integration with fuel accounting system.
  • Standard reporting setup.

Project results

  • Standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, supplemented with OIXIO IFRS16, Non-deductible VAT accounting solution, multiple integrations and list of smaller improvements is fully covering Šiaulių Bankas accounting needs.
  • Implementation of new ERP system forced to review, purify, and improve existing as-is processes in accounting and related departments.
  • Implemented solution increased human work efficiency in accounting department.
  • Friendly and configurable user interface ensured fast comprehension on the new system and smooth go live.
  • Flexible ERP technical infrastructure allows to expand primary implemented solution to correspond changing environment, technological progress, and growing business needs.

Aušra Kovalčik, Director of Accounting Department & Toma Jankauskienė, Project Manager of Accounting Department feedback

Challenges: The Bank’s internal accounting operations were performed in the same system as the banking operations, which was not sufficiently suitable to this kind of accounting. Therefore, it was decided to acquire another ERP/finance accounting system for internal accounting operations.

Results after the implementation: After the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the Bank’s internal accounting and banking operations were separated. The new system allowed us to see and track the relationships between various operations, their source documents and specific customers and suppliers, – this was not possible in the previously used system.

About cooperation with OIXIO: The OIXIO team was professional and very involved throughout the project. During the implementation phase, we all pursued a common goal, the work was very intensive and professional, and we all together succeeded in finding individual solutions that were very necessary for the Bank.

Recommendation: We would recommend the OIXIO team as a reliable business partner. In case of any issues/challenges, the response is always prompt and professional, and solutions are offered as to how these can be solved.

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