UAB „Finkus & Co.“: „Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Cloud system was installed within a couple of days.“


  • UAB „Finkus & Co.“ – a company founded in 2020 that specializes in consulting and training for international IT companies.
  • The company wanted to switch to a new ERP system that would be updated, flexible and scalable.
  • They achieved their goal by implementing Microsoft D365 Business Central On-Cloud system with the guidance of OIXIO (prev. Columbus Lietuva).

About UAB „Finkus & Co.“

Founded in 2020, UAB “Finkus & Co.” specializes in consulting and training for international IT companies.

Company’s objectives

The company has set the following objectives for the project:

  • Rapid transition and launch of the Business Management System (ERP);
  • Complete SaaS solution in an ever-green support cycle;
  • Ability to expand the ERP easily and efficiently with the additional modules or solutions.

Deployment of Microsoft D365 Business Central On-Cloud system

“Finkus & Co.” was presented with several deployment options based on the company’s engagement level with the project, i.e., how much time and energy the company is able to commit. Options included OIXIO and other manufacturers’ solutions on the Microsoft Appsource platform. Ultimately, a stand-alone deployment of an ERP, D365 Business Central On-Cloud, with the help and guidance of OIXIO was selected. This ensured a rapid and cost-effective (i.e., within a few dozen hours) deployment of the ERP.

Business Benefits/Project Results

A full SaaS-type business management system – Microsoft D365 Business Central On-Cloud – was implemented, i.e., on the manufacturer’s own infrastructure (not on private infrastructure). The results: 
•    The company transitions to an ever-green support cycle, with Microsoft updating core ERP functionalities;
•    Dynamics 365 Business Central Online provides customer with the ability to change support partner – this system does not lock-in the customer with the implementation partner; 
•    Easy deployment of new Appsource solutions became possible;
•    The company gained universal access to the CMS, accessible where there’s internet connectivity.

Ugne Fink-Jensen, managing director & consultant

Challanges that needed to be solved

Our goal was to transition the solution from the different ERP partner in order to have autonomy (less dependence on the partner that maintains the system) and more options provided by the system.

The result, after implementing

Post-implementation, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Cloud system has offered us:- (i) Increased opportunities, allowing us to explore various TRIAL solutions from the Appsource platform without major investments.- (ii) it constantly updated the system, eliminating future CMS reinstallations.- (iii) Dynamics 365 Business Central is a well-known system worldwide. If needed, this allows us to easily change accounting services provider as there are a lot of specialists working with this system.

About the cooperation with OIXIO

The implementation option with OIXIO consultancy has been a great success – the implementation process was smooth and fast. The OIXIO team was very professional, with highly competent consultants giving professional advice. This experience was a sharp contrast to our experience with an earlier provider.


Along with having highly competent consultants, what truly mattered to us was the realistic expectation management by the OIXIO team. While we were not promised an unrealistically optimistic timeline, it turned out the D365BC On-Cloud system was installed within a couple of days; it was really pleasing that it was done in a shorter time than originally planned.


I am glad that we chose “OIXIO”, UAB (prev. “Columbus Lietuva”, UAB) as a Dynamics 365 Business Central partner. Overall, “OIXIO”, UAB provided us with very professional, high quality and fast services.

I recommend “OIXIO”, UAB as a partner.

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