Coop Pank: „OIXIO Leasing | Loans solution replaced multiple systems, used for leasing process management.“


  • Coop Pank is a bank that originated from a retail chain and grew rapidly in five years. It offers various financial services and has a large customer base and loan portfolio.
  • The main goal of the project was to implement a single application that could integrate, manage, and improve all leasing operations and accounting for Coop Liising AS.
  • The main result of the project was a successful implementation of OIXIO Leasing | Loans (prev. Columbus Leasing) that replaced multiple systems, enhanced data quality and process effectiveness, and enabled business growth and innovation.

About Coop Pank

Coop Pank was established in the beginning of 2017 when the domestic retail chain Coop purchased majority shareholding in former AS Eesti Krediidipank. During the first five years of operation (2017–2021), bank been able to grow almost five times.
The Coop Pank AS Group comprises the following legal persons: Coop Pank AS, Coop Liising AS, Coop Finants AS, Coop Kindlustusmaakler AS, SIA Prana Property (real estate activities).
In 2022, Coop Pank increased its business volumes by about 40% for the sixth consecutive year. Over the year, the number of Coop Pank customers increased by 32,400 (+28%) and the number of active clients increased by 15,800 (+31%). Of the new customers, 29,400 were private customers and 3,000 were business customers. By the end of 2022, the number of Coop Pank customers reached 147,000, of which 66,800 were active clients.
Loan portfolio of Coop Pank reached 1.3 billion € by the end of 2022, increased by 347 million € (+36%) over the year.

Project goals

The key project goals were:

  1. To implement solution, which could cover back-office leasing specialized operations and accounting in single application.
  2. To cover leasing contract management starting from application (including integration with Web Application system), contract sign, regular invoices posting and payments managements up to contract expiry.
  3. To manage a variety of financial products: leasing, loan, insurance, stock financing, etc. in single platform.
  4. To ensure leasing operations integrity with general ledger and analytic tables (customer ledger, fixed assets, etc.).
  5. To ensure integrity with external systems: Web Applications system, Credit Info, Insurance brokers, Internet Bank, etc.
  6. To increase efficiency in leasing documents preparation and overall process of contract signing and activation.
  7. To increase efficiency of daily and month-end accounting transactions.
  8. To reduce time spent on manual data entry.
  9. To ensure reporting needs for external financial institutions.
  10. To ensure business analysis reporting needs for internal users.

OIXIO Solution

Implemented OIXIO Leasing | Loans within Microsoft Dynamics NAV (currently Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) solution covers:

  • Chart of accounts setup to cover leasing process related and internal accounting operations.
  • Financial products setup.
  • Contract documents setup.
  • Leasing contract activation process setup.
  • Regular invoices posting and delivery to customers.
  • Bank Accounts and SEPA payments.
  • Own fixed and low value asset workflow management.
  • VAT accounting, including partial non-deductible VAT accounting (“pro-rata”) and reporting to local VAT authorities.
  • Integration with Web Applications system.
  • Integration with Credit Info system.
  • Integration with Insurance Broker system.
  • Reports generation for Financial Inspection, Leasing Union, and other institutions.

Business Benefits/Project Results

  • OIXIO Leasing | Loans solution replaced multiple systems, used for leasing process management.
  • The implemented solution increased human work efficiency of client managers, thus significantly decreasing the time needed for contract sign preparation.
  • Automated leasing processes reduced the risk of operational mistakes.
  • Friendly and configurable user interface ensured fast comprehension on the new system and smooth go live.
  • Flexible ERP technical infrastructure allows to expand primary implemented solution to correspond changing environment, technological progress, and growing business needs.

Janek Rüütalu, Product Manager, Ragne Vilur, Development Manager and Martin Ilves, Chairman Of The Board at Coop Liising AS:

Challanges that needed to be solved:

  • The aim was to unite all application, credit process, contract administration including debtors portfolio related activities, accounting and reporting in one core system. Furthermore, integration with external databases and information sources was under focus.
  • Previous solution required the usage of different software and tools in the leasing process which turned out to be a challenge for sustainable growth of the business, implementation of new products/services and effectiveness of the processes.

Results after the implementation:

  • The implementation of new solution had clear positive effect on the integrity and effectiveness of leasing processes and contract management related activities including data quality.

About the cooperation with OIXIO:

  • Good example of what teamwork really means. Mutual understanding, professional and experienced OIXIO (prev. Columbus Lietuva) team with high level of knowledge on sector (e.g. juridical, taxation etx.) and dedication. Perfect understanding of business needs and expectations.


OIXIO has long-time experience and extremely wide knowledge of the leasing business. Contact persons highly dedicated and always available for help and assistance during the journey.

If we had to choose a partner for such a big project again, we wouldn’t hesitate to choose OIXIO and would recommend the same choice to everybody who today is in the process of looking for a reliable partner.

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