Labour reporting

How many staff do we have? Who came to work last month? How many left? How high is labour turnover?

Labour costs account for a significant share of a company’s costs, usually between 20 % and 75 % . It’s a big number, which makes you want to look in more detail behind these costs.

This is exactly what labour reporting helps to do. The purpose of the reporting is to provide essential information for day-to-day management decisions to HR, management and employees themselves.

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Benefits of OIXIO BI products

24 /7

Always available


Active users


Click every month


A dedicated BI guru


Can’t get the information you need

All the data is collected and available in the business software. But when it comes to staffing – for example, how many of our employees are under 30 with a higher education – the answer is not immediately available.

No place to monitor important metrics

The company strategy has agreed metrics related to staff – for example turnover. But there is no way to measure and monitor them on an ongoing basis. Often the solution is craft and Excel!

Data are located in different places

The reports in the business software only work on the data they contain, but important information about the workforce is also available in other places – for example, in other software or files. It is necessary to bring together data from different sources into a single report.


Always there!

All reporting is conveniently just a click away – accessible directly from your web browser. The data is always up-to-date, and the user is presented with the most up-to-date status when opening the report.

Monitoring key indicators

The reporting package is the place to monitor agreed metrics, even in real time. Here lies the “one truth” that cannot be disputed.


The reporting package brings together data from different sources. For example, we have included average salary data from Statistics Estonia by occupation code and gender. Combined with the average wages of the company’s employees, this provides a good input for analysing wage costs.

How to make reporting work?

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1. DATA Agree where we will get the data we need and how the reporting solution will access it.


2. APPLICATION We automate data extraction and transform data into a suitable format for reporting.

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3. REPORTING We make reports available to users. You can make changes or add new reports if you wish.


4. USE An everyday tool for the user, always with the right and fresh information!


See examples of reports in our gallery – click on the image to open it above the screen.

Watch the product video!

A video overview of the possibilities our reporting package offers for analysing the workforce.

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