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Payroll and HR is a powerful payroll and HR solution for medium and large employers in the Baltics, built on Microsoft’s latest platform, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The solution is supported by an e-Government interface and employee self-service.

All payroll is supported by Microsoft Dynamics Human Resources: management of companies, departments, positions and employees; skills, certifications, training and courses, equipment issued to the employee, health checks.

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Interface with national information systems

Employees, their personal and contractual data will be added to the solution, and through the x-tee data exchange layer, it will be possible to register, modify and terminate employment in the WMSdirectly from the payroll module. The x-tee also allows data exchange with the Health Insurance Fund . Read more about our e-government interface here.

The payroll module is supported by a standard interface with a wide range of functionalities. By interfacing with other key supporting tools such as Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory), time and attendance, training or recruiting solutions, the Payroll & HR solution allows you to digitise and automate various payroll and HR related processes.

Our advantages

  • Harmonised and automated workflows and processes, also across the Baltics
  • A common structure and user interface across the Baltics, with data in a single format and in a single place.
    -> for better overview and reporting
  • End-user support and user interface in local language (EE, LV, LT)
  • Interfaces
    • a standardised API for interfacing different information systems
      -> single data entry
      -> less craft
      -> fewer errors
      -> more efficient use of working time.
    • a powerful e-Government interface
    • Banking Guide
  • The team
    • Professional staffing solutions across the Baltics. More than 20 dedicated professionals who contribute to the development of the solution on a daily basis.
    • More than 20 years of field experience in a team
      -> We are familiar with the whole pay and HR process and local legislation.
  • The solution will be continuously updated with new functionalities and kept in line with legislation.
  • The monthly fee is based on the size of the company and the number of users.

Customer stories

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Click on the image to open the payroll view above the screen

Payroll functionality:

  • A visual hierarchy of subdivisions, posts and employees
  • Congruence between the structure of the company and the cost characteristics of the financial accounts
  • Job descriptions by job
  • Personal data, contact information, details of loved ones
  • Systematic storage of employment contract data and history
  • Managing absences and leave balances
  • Management of detentions (e.g. enforcement notices, maintenance payments, training agreements).
  • Management of the list of issued tools and benefits
  • Ability to add files to a worker card
  • Management of skills, acquired certificates and diplomas
  • Management of completed training and courses
  • Managing health checks
  • Management of employee position assignments
  • Inquiry from the Pension Centre
  • In the Human Resources module, there are a number of different reports and queries to view and export data entered into the solution, some examples:
    • Staff birthdays, seniority and probationary periods
    • Staff data
      – personal data
      – contract-related data
      – data relating to close persons
      – contact details
    • Employee training needs, which is generated by adding the actual and target skills of the employee.
    • Training completed, certificates obtained

Payroll functionality:

  • Powerful payroll with broad functionality
  • Calculations by individual, by group, by department or for the whole company at once.
  • Possibility to import fees and detentions
  • Tax accounting in accordance with current legislation
  • Calculation of leave reserve according to the days of leave earned and the employee’s remuneration, with the possibility of splitting the costs according to the desired financial dimension.
  • Preparation of the general accounts, breakdown of payroll by financial dimension

Estonian tax accounting

  • Control of the minimum social tax
  • Accounting for tax allowances (e.g. persons with reduced work capacity, non-residents)
  • Calculation of the minimum income tax exemption (general and for old-age pensioners)

Latvian tax accounting

  • EDS file import (employee tax allowances, tax-free amounts, dependent data)
  • Calculation of tax-free amounts by type of tax
  • Automatic calculation of graduated tax (20% or 23%)
  • Accounting for tax allowances (e.g. for disabled persons, absence of a work book, etc.)
Lithuanian tax accounting
  • Sodra file import (employee tax differences)
  • Calculation of tax-free amounts by type of tax
  • Calculation of tax allowances (e.g. for disabled persons, pensioners, etc.)

Estonian tax reports

  • TSD as an XML file (see also e-Governance interface)

Latvian tax reports

  • Monthly staff movements report as XML file (DNK)
  • Monthly income and social tax report as XML file (IIN and VSOI)
  • Annual income tax report as XML file (IIN)

Lithuanian tax reports

  • Sodra reports as XML files (1-SD, 2-SD, 9-SD, 12-SD, NP-SD, SAM, GPM313, FR0572, FR0573, GPM312, NP-SD2).
  • Package of statistical reports
  • Different certificates to issue to a worker
  • Holiday reserve report
  • National reports
  • Internal company reports
  • e-Governance interface – automatic data exchange with the national information system
  • Reminders to email on requested dates or events
  • Data export to MS Office Excel for further processing
  • Development of additional functionality based on the specific needs of the company

According to the client’s needs, the payroll module is interfaced with an external time and attendance solution, the main partners being Ektaco AS CompuAccess and Leanest OÜ StaffLogic. See more information about interfaces Interfaces – OIXIO
The time and attendance software receives the employee data from the payroll module via an interface and sends the hours worked back to the payroll module.
Alternatively, you can import the hours from a timesheet filled in Excel.

With the help of the e-Governance interface, all the incapacity for work sheets related to the company’s employees can be read into the payroll module, which in turn allows for the automatic creation of absences and, on the other hand, the completion of incapacity for work sheets directly from the payroll solution.
Through the employee self-service, employees can submit their leave requests and, once approved by the manager, absences are also forwarded to the payroll department.

Bonuses can be entered into the payroll solution both via the interface and by importing from Excel. Payroll data can be used to generate tax reports (in the EE region, it is possible to transmit data directly to EMTA via the e-Government interface), statistical reports, pay slips and pay slips for employees. Payroll solution data can be used in Power BI reports, this requires the implementation of a reporting solution.

Be sure to check out OIXIO | Employee Self-Service

The OIXIO | Baltic Payroll and HR solution is made perfect by the OIXIO | employee self-service portal, which allows you to share the administrative burden within your company and bring the interaction with the company closer to every employee.

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